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2012 PEFC Collaboration Fund Projects

PEFC’s 2012 Collaboration Fund awarded CHF 127,000 to six projects.

Mobilizing and combining efforts for PEFC SFM certification in Balkan countries, pilot cases Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro

Project objectives

  • Expand forest certification in the Balkans;
  • Raise awareness of the need for certification among private forest owners;
  • Secure the participation and involvement of interested stakeholders in the national standard setting process and creation of a National Governing Body;
  • Support preparations for the development of  national PEFC systems.

Implementing organization
PEFC Italy was established to encourage and improve the sustainable development of forests through the promotion of the PEFC certification system and according to established standards. It joined PEFC in 2001.

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Fostering Partnerships to Promote PEFC Certification in Hungary

Project objectives

  • Develop a national PEFC system and promote PEFC Chain of Custody certification;
  • Build capacity among private forest owners and managers and the forest industry;
  • Promote PEFC certification.

Implementing organization
ERFARET Non-profit Ltd. (ERFARET) is a research and development organization founded by the University of West-Hungary. Its primary mission is to foster cooperation between the University and its partners.

Further information about the project

Building Capacity for the Development of PEFC Certification in Russia and the Russian Far East

Project objectives

  • Build capacity for the development of PEFC certification in Russia and the Russian Far East;
  • Provide training to forest owners and forest certification auditors;
  • Promote uptake of PEFC Chain of Custody certification in the market place.

Implementing organization
The Forest Certification Center (FCC), a not-for-profit partnership of leading organizations, and acknowledged experts and scientists working on issues related to the conservation of forest biodiversity and the sustainable use of forest resources.

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Estonia Market Outreach

Project objectives

  • Raise awareness of PEFC in Estonia;
  • Increase the certified forest area, especially of privately owned forests;
  • Promote PEFC certification and label use among companies.

Implementing organization
The Estonian Forest Certification Council (EFCC) was set up as a non-profit organization on 29 October 2001 on the initiative of private forest owners and with the participation of other interest groups and stakeholders. The overall objective of the Estonian Forest Certification Scheme is to support the implementation of sustainable forestry in Estonia. EFCC currently has 12 institutional non-governmental members.

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Forest Traceability: Marketing Mushrooms in the Spanish Urbion Model Forest

Project objectives

  • Investigate marketing synergies between certification and traceability;
  • Develop a web-based platform;
  • Pilot traceability of PEFC-certified mushrooms.

Implementing organization
CeseFOR is the Castilla y León regional wood and forestry industry centre; it works along the entire forest sector value chain at regional, national and international levels. The organization also acts as the main technical advisor to the Environment Department of the regional government of Castilla y León.

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E-Learning 4 PEFC

Project objectives

  • Develop an e-learning platform to address current and future capacity building needs of PEFC members and stakeholders;
  • Increase the availability of information about PEFC concepts, tools and objectives at national and international level;
  • Prepare pilot courses on a variety of topics.

Implementing organization
PEFC Italy was established to encourage and improve the sustainable development of forests through the promotion of the PEFC certification system and according to established standards. It joined PEFC in 2001.

Further information about the project

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