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Sustainable forest management is important in the Netherlands, a country where traditionally market demand for certified products is high. This demand is supported by a very active public sector with high levels of commitment to procuring sustainable timber, ranging from 50% for provincial governments to 100% for the national government.

NL-medAs part of efforts to increase the volume and variety of certified products in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Promotions Initiative is working to encourage and support companies in their efforts to obtain PEFC Chain of Custody certification, a prerequisite for any business interested in supplying certified products.

PEFC in the Netherlands

PEFC is a relatively new arrival in the Netherlands, a country with a small forest area of 360,000 hectares, or 11% of the total area. Consequently, PEFC was relatively unknown among the majority of enterprises and governmental bodies until the establishment of a national organization in 2008. 

Since its establishment, PEFC Netherlands, with the support of PEFC International and other partners, has focused its activities on increasing market acceptance, recognition and awareness of PEFC in the Dutch market. PEFC Netherlands has developed a wide range of promotional materials and is today known for its innovative marketing campaigns which resulted in an increase in Chain of Custody certificates of more than 75% in 2011. As of June 2014, 679 Chain of Custody certificates had been issued to Dutch companies.

PEFC Netherlands also worked to facilitate the development of a national forest certification system, which successfully achieved PEFC endorsement in December 2012. At the same time, the PEFC 2011 Collaboration Fund supported a project to help enable small forest owners to achieve PEFC certification.

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Forests area: 264 million ha
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