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23 October 2019

Chile’s highest-circulation newspaper is PEFC-certified


The first PEFC-certified edition of Las Últimas Noticias proudly displayed the PEFC label on the front page.

18 October 2019

PEFC and AB Group Packaging Push Sustainability on European Paper Bag Day and COP25


Today is European Paper Bag Day. A good occasion to present the world's first PEFC-certified fully recyclable, biodegradable, sustainable Paper Bag.

16 October 2019

Opening opportunities for indigenous peoples through forest certification


In recent years, indigenous communities have made significant progress in securing respect for their human rights and the property rights for their land. Forest certification has the potential to further the recognition of indigenous rights.

Facts & Figures

311 million hectares
of forests globally
are PEFC-certified
750 000 forest

are PEFC-certified globally
51 countries with a
PEFC national member
20 000 companies in the world benefit from

PEFC Chain of Custody certification

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