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National members (or "National Governing Bodies") are independent, national organizations established to develop and implement a PEFC system within their country.

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China Forest Certification Council

China currently has the highest afforestation rate of any country in the world, increasing its forest cover from 12% thirty years ago to more than 21% in 2013. The country is continuing to implement policy measures to increase the quality and quantity of its forests and aims to bring forest coverage to 23%, or 223 million hectares, by 2020.

China started studying and exploring forest certification in the 1990s with the aim of developing a forest certification system suited to China’s own national reality and forest conditions. The building of the national forest certification system started in 2001 and the resulting China Forest Certification Scheme was launched in 2010.

In February 2014, the China Forest Certification Scheme (CFCS) achieved endorsement by PEFC.

Who we are

Who's Who

  • Mr. Wei Wang - Chairman
  • Ms. Ling Yu - Secretary General
  • Mr. Wenming Lu - Deputy Secretary General

China Forest Certification Council
18, Hepingli Dongjie
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100714

Mr. Wei Wang
Tel: +86 10 84239108

Endorsement Dates

  • Joined PEFC: 30th June 2011
  • First endorsement: 5th February 2014
  • Current endorsement valid until: 31 December 2019*

*This system has been granted an extraordinary endorsement extension to enable it to transition to the revised PEFC benchmark standards, due for completion in late 2017/early 2018.

Endorsement Documentation

PEFC Certified

Forests area: 303 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): > 18,800

(as of June 2017)
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