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Our international stakeholder members include companies, organizations and associations. They perform a vital role in supporting the work we do.

HS Timber Group

HS Timber Group is one of the leading timber processing companies, selling high-quality wood products to industrial clients across 80+ countries. Founded in Austria, the company has expanded to seven global production units, focusing on further wood processing and bioenergy production.

Sustainability is part of the corporate identity. With a commitment to sourcing raw material exclusively from sustainably managed forests, the company upholds the highest integrity standards in its supply chain, aiming for 100% of raw material to come from forests certified for sustainable forest management. R&D investments strive for innovation to increase the efficiency of converting raw material into high-quality wood products that sequester CO2 for decades.


Date of engagement with PEFC: 2014

Founded: 1956

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

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