National members

Our national members are independent, national organizations that develop and run the national forest certification system in their country. 

China Forest Certification Council (CFCC)

The China Forest Certification Scheme was endorsed in 2014. The system maintained its endorsement in October 2022.

Chinese national system endorsement certificate 95.80 KB

2019 system elements

Sustainable forest management standard
Sustainable forest management standard (plantation)No
Sustainable forest management standard (trees outside forests)No
Group certification requirementsYes
Chain of custody requirements
Certification body requirements for chain of custody (PEFC International)
Full system documentationYes

Endorsement milestones

To maintain its PEFC endorsement, the system must meet specific endorsement milestones. The first milestone is the start of the periodic review within five years of the national approval of the sustainable forest management standard.

  • National approval date: 27 July 2019
  • Review date: 27 July 2024
Chinese national system endorsement milestones 138.00 KB

2019-22 system assessment

  • Status: Assessment finished, system endorsed
  • Assessment Report
  • Type: Assessment of revised system, endorsement of Trees outside Forests standard
  • Assessor: Indufor Oy
  • System submitted for assessment: 6 December 2019
  • Consultation: 1 March - 30 April 2021

Watch the recording of the webinar to find out more about this national system.

System history

  • Re-endorsement: 5 October 2022
  • Endorsed: 5 February 2014
  • Joined PEFC: 30 June 2011


History before PEFC

China started studying and exploring forest certification at the end of the 1990s. We started building the national forest certification system in 2001 and the resulting China Forest Certification Scheme (CFCS) was launched in 2010. 

With efforts over more than ten years, important breakthroughs and progress have been made for forest certification in China, and the national forest certification scheme has been established, which is suitable to the national condition and forest situation in China and in line with international practice.

What are the benefits of being part of the PEFC alliance?

In February 2014, CFCS achieved endorsement by PEFC. Forest products with Chinese forest certificates were accepted in more than 40 countries, and the logo of China forest certification became the “green passport” for certified products in entering the international market.


China Forest Certification Council (CFCC)
No.18 Hepingli East Street
100714 Beijing

Tel.: +86 10 84239107

The Team

YU Ling 
National Secretary

LI Yifeng
Project Officer

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