The PEFC Alliance

Our members are a vital part of the PEFC alliance, and we have two different types: national members and international stakeholder members.

The PEFC Alliance

PEFC is much more than just the secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. We are an alliance of national forest certification systems, NGOs, labour unions, businesses, trade associations, forest owner organizations and committed individuals.

Together, we all work together towards our vision for a world that values the contribution of sustainable forests to our planet and our lives.

A vital part of the PEFC alliance is our members, and we have two different types: national members and international stakeholder members.

National members

Our 55 national members (also known as National Governing Bodies) are independent, national organizations responsible for developing and running the national forest certification system within their country. They also carry out all PEFC promotional work nationally, as well as providing support to the PEFC-certified companies and forest owners.

They can range in size from one person to a large team, but all of them are dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management within their country and globally.

Meet our national members

International stakeholder members

Our 29 international stakeholder members include companies, organizations and associations whose principles and objectives are in line with our own. These members perform a vital role in supporting the work we do.

International stakeholder membership is open to entities operating in two or more countries, or legally registered as international organizations.

Meet our international stakeholder members

PEFC General Assembly

Together, our members form the PEFC General Assembly - our highest authority and decision-making body. This means it is our members who vote on the key decisions of our organization; such as endorsements, international standards, new members, statutes and budgets.

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