Joining the sustainable supply chain with PEFC chain of custody Certification for the furniture industry

Joining the sustainable supply chain with PEFC chain of custody Certification for the furniture industry

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The wood in the furniture you design, make, sell or trade can only come from one place; the world’s forests. Wood is renewable and can be sourced from sustainably managed forests, which is why homeowners, governments and private companies and corporations are increasingly demanding responsibly sourced wood.

During our latest Chain of Custody webinar for the furniture industry on 8-9 March, our attendees learned how, as important links in the furniture supply chain, they can meet the soaring demand for responsibly sourced furniture, comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and prove their commitment to responsible sourcing to their customers and supply chain partners.

Check out the webinar recording.

The world has spoken, the demand for responsibly sourced furniture is booming

According to a study by PwC, sustainability is a crucial factor for three-quarters of consumers when they are buying furniture.  An overwhelming 97% of respondents in a survey by the Sustainable Furnishings Council were interested in buying wooden furniture if it were legal and certified as coming from a responsibly managed forest. 

At least 30 governments have implemented responsible timber sourcing conditions as a part of their public procurement policies, and this number is expected to grow over the next decade, especially in emerging economies. In addition, more private companies and corporations are adding responsible timber sourcing policies to their ESG frameworks and requirements.

The furniture industry will need to rise to meet the demands of environmentally savvy consumers and shifting legislative and ESG requirements. As a member of the furniture industry, there is a way that you can supply responsibly sourced sustainable furniture and prove it to your customers.

PEFC chain of custody certification is the answer

PEFC chain of custody certification is an effective mechanism to meet these requirements and gain access to one of the world’s largest supplies of certified wood. Certification helps companies to comply with strict legislative and ESG requirements and sends a clear message that the wood in their furniture has been responsibly sourced and tracked from the forest to the showroom.

During the webinar, PEFC International Head of Marketing Fabienne Sinclair provided an introduction to PEFC and how it supports the furniture industry to access responsibly sourced wood. Supply chain technical expert Linda Matole introduced PEFC standards and how to comply with these standards. Next we heard from Mr Kjell-Owe Ahlskog from Finnish certification consultancy company Alcea Oy on the model and successes of group certification in Finland. Finally, trademarks technical expert Lise Favre displayed how to use the PEFC label and trademarks.

We’d like to thank all of our presenters and attendees for joining us at our latest webinar. Together, we are raising the bar for sustainability within the furniture industry. Through our actions, we can protect forests around the world while meeting the growing demand for responsibly sourced furniture. And why wouldn’t you want to protect forests? After all, Forests are Home.

Check out the webinar recording.

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