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Karo Mets OÜ

Karo Mets OÜ
Mirkko Koppel
80010 Pärnu
EE (Estonia)
Email :


Type of certification
Individual Certificate CoC
Certificate number
Sub certificate number
Expiry Date
07 August 2021

Certification body

Soil Association Certification Limited
Spear House, 51 Victoria Street
BS1 6AD Bristol
GB (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Phone : +44 (0)117 914 2435
Fax : +44 (0)117 314 5001
Email :
Website :

PEFC logo license

License number
Expiry Date

Company Products

Products Categories Level 1
01000 Roundwood
02000 Fuelwood and charcoal
Products Categories Level 2
01010 Sawlogs and veneer logs
01020 Pulpwood
01030 Chips and particles
01040 Wood residues
01050 Other industrial roundwood
02010 Fuelwood (incl. Chips, residues, pellets, brickets, etc.)

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