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IE Tsyganov S.M.

IE Tsyganov S.M.
Sergey Tsyganov
No number d. Pecherskaya Buda
216643 d. Pecherskaya Buda Smolensk region
RU (Russian Federation)
Phone : +7 910 788 05 57
Email :


Type of certification
Participant in Group Certification FM
Certificate number
Sub certificate number
Expiry Date
30 October 2021

Certification body

GFA Certification
Alter Teichweg 15
22081 Hamburg
DE (Germany)
Phone : +494052474310
Fax : +49 (40) 52 47 431 -999
Email :
Website :

PEFC logo license

License number
Expiry Date

Company Products

Products Categories Level 1
01000 Roundwood

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