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PEFC council information register

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.
Tsuyoshi Muramatsu
1-3-2, Otemachi
100-8270 Tokyo
JP (Japan)
Phone : +81-3-3214-3261
Fax : +81-3-3214-3263
Email :
Website :


Type of certification
Multi-Site Certificate
Certificate number
Sub certificate number
Expiry Date
13 December 2022

Certification body

Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association
4-10 1-chome Akasaka
107-0052 Minato-ku Tokyo
JP (Japan)
Phone : +81335861686
Fax : +81 (0)5570 9566
Email :
Website :

PEFC logo license

License number
Expiry Date
13 December 2022

Company Products

Product name
Building materials, packaging, Roudwood, Sawnwood, Wood based panels,
Product description
Various MDF, plywood, veneer sheet
Products Categories Level 2
03020 Sawnwood
01010 Sawlogs and veneer logs
01030 Chips and particles
01050 Other industrial roundwood
04010 Laminated Lumber Products
04040 Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
04060 I-Joists / I-Beams
05010 Veneer sheets
05020 Plywood
05030 Particle Board
05040 Fibreboard
08030 Builders carpentry
Products Categories Level 3
05031 OSB
05041 MDF
05043 Softboard

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