Certification services

Access a variety of practical tools and services from PEFC through your chain of custody certification, including the PEFC Label Generator.

Certification services

PEFC Chain of Custody certification enables you to demonstrate your legal and sustainable sourcing of forest products to your customers. It also provides you with a variety of advantages that help the environment, people, and your bottom line, such as access to new markets and compliance with legislation.

Alongside the many advantages PEFC certification brings to your company, it also entitles you to a variety of practical tools and services from PEFC, both nationally and internationally. From entry to our online database of certified companies, to easy creation of your PEFC labels through the Label Generator, we are always on hand to ensure you get the best service.

Access to the PEFC Label Generator

As a PEFC chain of custody certified company, you have access to the PEFC Label Generator – our online tool that enables you to create PEFC labels quickly and easily. By using the Label Generator, you can customize the label to suit your needs, while being assured that the label remains in line with our requirements. 

What can you customize?

The Label Generator can produce labels in over 30 languages, with more languages added all the time. To help you get your message across even better, you can change the first part of the label claim to mention the product that is certified, for example, “This product is…” can become “This paper is…” – leaving your customers in no doubt. Every label you download is provided in EPS, PDF and PNG format, covering all potential uses of the label – from printing on packaging, to posting on your website. 

You can produce your labels in three colours: PEFC green, black and white. You can also choose to have the label in landscape or portrait, and remove the border if required. Alongside the on-product PEFC certified label, you can also download the PEFC promotional label and the recycled label. And best of all, all labels will automatically have your unique logo license number. 

Find out more about the PEFC label…

To access the Label Generator, you need to have a valid PEFC Logo Usage License – if you do not have one yet, please contact your national PEFC member or PEFC International for more information. In most cases, this license is free. If you already have a license, but have not yet received login details for the Label Generator, then please contact your national PEFC member or PEFC International.

Access the PEFC Label Generator and start creating your labels...

Findable on the PEFC International website

All PEFC chain of custody certified companies can be found on the ‘Find certified’ section of our website. This is our online database that enables companies, organizations and individuals from around the world to search for PEFC-certified entities. 

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