Why get certified?

PEFC chain of custody certification enables you to demonstrate your legal and sustainable sourcing of forest products to your customers.

Why get certified?

From small and medium-sized enterprises to global brands, more and more companies along the timber value chain are looking to demonstrate that the forest-based materials they are using come from legal and sustainable sources.

Some are doing so in response to legislation and regulatory requirements, others realize the benefits of delivering sustainability assurances on products to address environmental, social and ethical concerns.

Regardless of the motivation, the preferred tool for companies to demonstrate legal and sustainable sourcing of forest products is PEFC chain of custody certification.

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The proof of traceability with PEFC

Prove the origin of  your forest-based products with PEFC Chain of Custody certification.

Find out how to get PEFC chain of custody certified...

Comply with legislation

Governments around the world have put in place legislation designed to support the trade of legal timber and to deny the entry of illegally-produced wood products into the marketplace. This includes the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), the U.S. Lacey Act, and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation. PEFC chain of custody certification is designed to allow you to demonstrate compliance with such legislative requirements, giving you access to these influential markets.

Meet customer expectations

Demonstrating commitment to curb deforestation, conserve biodiversity and act socially responsible, public and private buyers often go beyond legal requirements and demand assurance of forest sustainability. For example, nearly 30 national governments have already put in place sustainable timber procurement policies. Similarly, a growing number of companies demand proof of sustainability from their suppliers, with influential business associations like the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) encouraging companies to insist on certification such as PEFC.

Availability and choice

With 60% of the world's certified forests under PEFC certification (more than 300 million hectares), you have access to a large supply of PEFC-certified wood and non-wood forest products. Over 20,000 companies worldwide hold PEFC chain of custody certification, ensuring there is a wide variety of PEFC-certified products available on the market. 

Use of the PEFC label

Ethical consumption is on the rise, as market research has repeatedly shown over the past years. Certification allows you and your customers to use the PEFC label, and an overwhelming majority of consumers globally - more than 80% - want companies to use labels on products, according to the first PEFC/GfK Global Consumer Survey. 30% of all consumers said that they actively look for forest certification labels, with the PEFC label being the most trusted global forest certification label.

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Designed for you

Not all companies are the same, and we are ready for this. There are several tailored PEFC chain of custody options available. PEFC group certification is our practical solution to make PEFC chain of custody certification feasible for small companies. Construction companies can take advantage of PEFC project certification to demonstrate their decision to build with PEFC-certified timber. Organizations with chain of custody activities in multiple locations can gain certification for all their sites under one certificate through PEFC multi-site certification.

Interested in certification?

PEFC chain of custody certification is available worldwide and open to all companies that manufacture, process, trade or sell forest-based products. Discover the steps you need to take in order to achieve PEFC chain of custody certification.

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