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PEFC-endorsed national forest certification systems seeking to obtain international endorsement by PEFC have been independently assessed and found to be in compliance with PEFC’s Sustainability Benchmark. All documentation related to the assessment, including the evaluation report, are publicly available.

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PEFC Canada

Canada is the second largest nation in the world with an area 979 million hectares (ha), of which 400 million or about 40% is forested.  Less than half of the total canadaforest area is subject to forest management. 

Canadian forests types include

  • 66% softwood
  • 12% hardwood
  • 22% mixed-wood forests

In 2009, Canada harvested 118 million m3 from 600,000 hectates of forest. In 2010 Canada produced 59 million m3 of lumber and strcutral panels, and 27 million tonnes of pulp and paper.  Of these totals, 33 million m3 of lumber and structural panels, and 12 million tonnes of pulp and paper were consumed domestically, with the remainder sent to export markets around the world.  The value of forest products exported in 2010 was C$30 billion, while the value of imports was C$9 billion.

  • 93% of Canada’s forests are publically owned, with 16% held by the federal government, and 77% held by the provincial governments. 

As a result of this public ownership, forestry is highly regulated and Canada has been shown to have some of the most stringent laws governing forest management in the world. 

Besides being regulated, Canadian forest managers have made a huge commitment to third-party certification, with 115.5 million hectares certified to PEFC-endorsed standards, representing 46% of the PEFC global total.

There are 27.6 million hectares of national parks in Canada, with another 27 million ha set aside in provincial parks.  In addition to these formally protected areas, millions more hectares of Canadian forests receive special management to protect values such as wildlife habitat and cultural heritage.

Who we are

Organizational Information

PEFC Canada represents the interests of organizations in Canada that are certified to the PEFC-endorsed Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Standards, both CAN/CSA-Z809 and the new woodlot standard CAN/CSA-Z804.

Canada has been a member of PEFC Council since 2001, with the original membership being held by CSA International. In September 2008, PEFC Canada was incorporated as a federally registered not-for-profit corporation and became the official PEFC Council member for Canada in January 2009.

PEFC Canada is supported by and works closely with the CSA SFM User Group, a volunteer organization which represents the interests of forest managers that are certified to the CSA SFM standard. The User Group maintains a website which includes information about the CSA standards and their application, and news about and activities of both the User Group and PEFC Canada.

Who's Who

  • John Dunford – Director and Chair
  • Paul Wooding – Director and Secretary
  • Michael Alexander – Director and Treasurer
  • Michel de Bellefeuille – Director
  • Rein Kahlke – Director
  • Frank Turnbull – Director

PEFC Canada
4792 Tourney Road
North Vancouver
BC V7K 2W5

Paul Wooding
Director and Secretary
Tel: +1 604 984 8094

Endorsement Dates

    • Joined PEFC: 26 January 2001
    • First endorsement: 22 March 2005
    • First re-endorsement: 29 June 2011
    • Current endorsement valid until: 29 December 2017
    • Second re-endorsement: Process ongoing

      Endorsement Documentation

        PEFC Certified

        Forests area: 304 million ha
        Forest owners: > 750,000
        Companies (CoC): > 19,800

        (as of September 2017)
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