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Chinese Forest Management System Open for Public Consultation

Dec 21 2012

cfcc-big_copyThe Chinese Forest Certification Council (CFCC) has applied for PEFC endorsement and mutual recognition of the China Forest Certification Scheme (CFCS). Stakeholders globally are invited to provide feedback on its compliance with PEFC International’s Sustainability Benchmarks by 19 February 2013.

“We identified PEFC as our partner of choice for international recognition after careful consideration of available options,” said Wang Wei, CFCC Chairman. “The PEFC standard represents best practice in forest management, is based on the latest scientific findings, and respects national sovereignty. PEFC is unique in considering the needs of the specific forest ecosystems present in a particular country, the legal and administrative frameworks, and the socio-cultural context, which is important for China. ”

“PEFC is the only global forest certification system that verifies the compliance of national forest certification systems with PEFC’s globally recognized Sustainability Benchmarks through independent assessments,” emphasized Mr Wang. “It is this combination of consideration of local circumstances on the one hand and national ownership on the other hand, coupled with rigour in implementation, which makes PEFC attractive to us.”

PEFC rules stipulate that national forest certification systems that want to be recognized by PEFC must comply with its Sustainability Benchmarks, a suite of requirements for a range of issues related to forest certification, from standards development processes and sustainable forest management requirements themselves through to Chain of Custody, logo use and accreditation requirements.  Compliance is verified through an independent assessment. The global stakeholder consultation is an important part of the assessment, enabling all interested parties to provide insights and information on the system’s compliance with PEFC requirements.

Stakeholders are encouraged to submit comments using PEFC's Online Consultation Tool by 19 February 2013.

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