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PEFC Workshop Supports National Certification System Development in Nine Countries

Dec 18 2012

DSCN5674“We have ongoing relationships with 15 countries around the world developing their national forest certification system, and nine of them were able to follow our invitation to participate in PEFC’s standards development workshop. This is a great success,” said Remi Sournia, PEFC Project Officer, on the sidelines of the 2012 PEFC General Assembly week in Vienna last month.

 “The workshop was an excellent opportunity to get like-minded organizations in a room to share experiences and find solutions for their individual challenges in developing certification systems,” continued Mr. Sournia.   “While PEFC publishes comprehensive requirements for national certification systems, dynamic training sessions like today’s can really help to simplify the process.”

The workshop was convened in Vienna on 13 November 2012 in conjunction with PEFC’s General Assembly.  It successfully brought together representatives from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cameroon, Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal and Turkey, with representatives of PEFC members from Austria, Italy, Malaysia, Slovenia and Slovakia and PEFC International staff.

As the interest in PEFC is growing on all continents, PEFC International is actively increasing its support to guide national certification system development. In early 2013, PEFC will launch a toolkit for certification system developers in order to help them navigate smoothly within PEFC International requirements. If additional sources of funding can be secured, this workshop will be the first of many training activities in PEFC’s expanding support service.

Organizations interested in contributing to our efforts or receiving support for national certification system development are invited to contact PEFC at


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