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Dutch Forest Owners to Benefit from International Recognition

Jan 10 2013

netherlandsPEFC International is pleased to announce the endorsement of the Dutch Forest Certification System.

“This is excellent news for Dutch forest owners who are now able to obtain PEFC certification for their responsible forest management practices.  They are in good company, with an estimated one million forest owners in over 30 countries already being PEFC certified, ” said Kees Boon, Chairman of PEFC Netherlands. “We’re aware of strong interest by Dutch forest owners to obtain PEFC certification and benefit from improved market access to the more than ten thousand companies globally that are PEFC certified.”

The Netherlands, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, has a relatively small forest area. Approximately 360,000 hectares of forests account for roughly 10% of land area.

About one-third of the total forest area is privately owned, which makes the availability of PEFC certification especially relevant. PEFC was originally established by smallholders in 1999 and remains until today the forest certification system of choice for small- and family forest owners.

“We appreciate the work by all stakeholders in developing the Dutch Forest Certification Standard,” continued Mr. Boon. “Given the increasing recognition of the PEFC label in the Netherlands, we are certainly glad that we successfully passed the unique endorsement process, with Dutch people now being able to purchase PEFC-certified products that are sourced locally. Also, the many municipalities that have implemented responsible procurement policies can now serve a as role models by obtaining PEFC certification for publicly owned forests.“s

National forest certification systems that have developed standards in line with PEFC requirements can apply for endorsement by PEFC International. To achieve endorsement, they need to meet PEFC's Sustainability Benchmarks, which are based on broad societal consensus expressed in international, intergovernmental, multi-stakeholder processes and guidelines. Compliance is confirmed through third-party assessment of national requirements with the international benchmarks, with a global public consultation seeking input from stakeholders worldwide.

The endorsement of the Dutch system became valid just before Christmas and is valid until 2017, by which time the national standard needs to have been revised in order to be eligible for re-endorsement.

Ingenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk has already registered interest in setting up PEFC group certificatinon for Dutch forest owners, which will utilize an web-based registration tool that specifically targets and makes certification accessible to the more than 1.800 small and very small Dutch forest owners.

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