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Additional Information on Revised PEFC Chain of Custody Standard

Aug 09 2013

In May 2013 PEFC published the revised PEFC Chain of Custody standard, providing companies with an efficient mechanism to demonstrate compliance with EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) requirements. Since its release, PEFC continues to provide additional information material and training to equip companies with comprehensive information about how to implement PEFC Chain of Custody certification and transition from the 2010 standard to the 2013 standard.

Transition Information Papers

As a first tool PEFC has published two information papers with general advice on the transition from the ‘old’ standard to the new 2013 standard. These papers focus on the major areas of change between the two versions of the Chain of Custody standard. As the nature of these changes depends on which Chain of Custody method is used, two versions of the paper have been produced: one for organizations applying the Physical Separation Method and one for organizations applying the Percentage Based Method.

The papers further focus on how to fit in the ‘PEFC Controlled Sources’ option. This allows organizations to handle non-PEFC certified material in their PEFC Chain of Custody and to sell it with the PEFC Controlled Sources claim to demonstrate that due diligence was exercised. As the PEFC Due Diligence System is aligned with the EUTR requirements on due diligence this option provides a practical opportunity to demonstrate a product’s compliance with the EUTR requirements.

PEFC Webinar Slides

PEFC hosted a series of informative webinars in June as part of the support to certification bodies, certificate holders and other interested stakeholders. These well attended webinars explained the major changes in the new standard, their relation to the EUTR and other legislation (such as the US Lacey Act and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill) and the reasons why these changes were made. Additional webinars are scheduled for September - find out more and register now!


PEFC Chain of Custody Guidance Document

More detailed clarification, guidance and interpretations on specific requirements will be available in the official PEFC Chain of Custody Guidance document. This PEFC guide is currently under revision and will be available by Fall 2013, as the former guidance, PEFC Chain of Custody GD 2001:2011 is no longer fully applicable to the revised standard. If there are any issues that need to be clarified please forward these to PEFC’s Technical Unit ( so they can be considered in the drafting of the new guidance.

More information:

Transition Information Papers - Physical Separation Method (800.16 kB)

Transition Information Papers - Percentage Based Method (769.50 kB)

Webinar Slides on Revised PEFC Chain of Custody Standard (292.97 kB)

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