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Companies and Certification Bodies Benefit as PEFC Launches its Latest Guidance Document

Jun 30 2014

To provide additional support to and ensure consistency to companies and certification bodies in the implementation of PEFC Chain of Custody certification, PEFC has complemented its Chain of Custody Standard with a Guidance Document.

With this new document, Chain of Custody of Forest-Based Products – Guidance for Use (PEFC GD 2001:2014), both current and potential PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies can get immediate access to detailed explanation, clarification and interpretation of the PEFC Chain of Custody standard PEFC ST 2002:2013.

The publication of this guide builds on the experience of PEFC-certified companies in implementing the 2013 Standards and follows several months of development through an open, transparent, consultative and consensus based process, including the involvement and input from a broad range of stakeholders. All our documents, both guides and standards, are developed in this manner, ensuring they reflect the latest consensus based thinking from all the relevant stakeholders.

“This document will provide organizations with an additional level of information when implementing the requirements of the PEFC Chain of Custody standard.” said Michael Berger, Head of Technical Unit at PEFC International. “We are extremely grateful to everyone who invested their time and shared their expertise and knowledge in the development process of this new guide. We are confident that it will be useful to all companies interested in obtaining PEFC certification. It will also help those who are interested in using PEFC certification to demonstrate alignment with EUTR requirements.”

The PEFC Chain of Custody Standard covers the requirements to implement a Chain of Custody for forest based products, as well as specifying the minimum management system requirements for the implementation and management of the chain of custody process. In addition, it includes minimum requirements on health, safety and labor issues.

The PEFC Chain of Custody Standard was revised last year following the implementation of the EUTR in March 2013. Through the new standard, PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies can efficiently address the legality requirements entailed in the EUTR, with the additional benefit of being able to manufacture and sell PEFC-certified and labeled products.


More information:

  Chain of Custody of Forest-Based Products – Guidance for Use (PEFC GD 2001:2014)

  Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products - Requirements (PEFC ST 2002:2013)

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