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PAFC Cameroon Launches National Public Consultation

Feb 18 2015

PAFC CamerounPAFC Cameroon is pleased to announce the start of the national public consultation for the Cameroonian forest management certification standard. Stakeholders from around the country are invited to provide their feedback on the standard by 15 April 2015.

"This public consultation is tremendously important as it provides all national stakeholders with a last opportunity to shape our forthcoming standards," said Christine Nkene, President of PAFC Cameroon, the PEFC member for Cameroon.

"We therefore strongly encourage everybody interested from around Cameroon to take part in this consultation, providing us with their reviews, amendments and suggestions."

The 60 day national-level public consultation is an integral part of the development process of any national standard looking to be endorsed by PEFC. This is one of the final steps in the standard setting process before the final draft of the standard is approved, published, then submitted to PEFC International for endorsement.

PAFC Cameroon kicked off the development process of the Cameroonian forest management certification standard last year with the facilitation of the first Stakeholder Forum in the country. Since then, PAFC Cameroon and a wide range of stakeholders have worked on incorporating the feedback from the forum in order to improve and finalize the draft standard, before announcing the public consultation.

The Cameroonian initiative follows the example set by PAFC Gabon which has had its national forest certification system endorsed by PEFC since 2009 and subsequently re-endorsed in 2014.

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