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PEFC Certification Well Suited for Philippine-Based Companies

Jul 21 2015

philippines faoWith ever more Asian countries developing PEFC-compliant forest certification systems, and Asia-based companies opting for PEFC Chain of Custody certification, it makes perfect business sense for Philippine-based processors and operators to also go for PEFC certification,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, speaking at the ‘Building Capacity for Training and Auditing Chain-of-Custody Systems’ workshop in Manila, Philippines, on 21 July 2015.

The workshop, jointly organized by the Industries Development Corporation (IDC) Environment and Livelihood Development Foundation (ELDF) with the support of the EU and FAO, brought together Philippine companies to provide further information and prepare them for a Chain of Custody audits against internationally recognized standards such as PEFC.

“PEFC is well suited for all companies selling into or buying from Asia, the European Union, and the Americas,” highlighted Mr. Gunneberg.

“From a supply point of view, the majority of the world's certified timber sources are covered by PEFC, including in leading timber producing countries such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia. From a market access point of view, PEFC Chain of Custody open doors to markets in developed countries and fosters trade with neighboring countries within Asia,” explained Mr. Gunneberg.

“PEFC’s integrated Due Diligence System allows companies to demonstrate alignment with regulatory requirements, such as the EU Timber Regulation or similar provisions in other developed countries. Within the region, most noteworthy is perhaps the recent Chinese announcement that all companies trading in certified timber must be covered by CFCC, the PEFC-endorsed national forest certification system in China,” Mr. Gunneberg concluded.

“Today was important as the FAO, along with their Philippine partners, are training national auditing capacity for Chain of Custody, as well as preparing businesses to implement due diligence systems,” commented Richard Laity, PEFC Southeast Asia, Projects and Development Officer.

“These are both fundamental components for third party independent accredited certification, enabling the traceability of PEFC-certified material. As PEFC expands in Southeast Asia, we will continue to support building the capacity of national systems.”

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