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McDonald’s Sources Certified Wood Fiber for its European Packaging

Nov 27 2015

All centrally-sourced packaging distributed across McDonald’s 38 European markets has been Chain of Custody certified. This means the wood fibre used by the company comes from either recycled sources or forests certified to globally recognized standards for responsible forest management, such as PEFC – the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. 

“By ensuring that all its packaging is certified to a credible forest certification system, McDonald’s does not only help protect forests, it also makes a direct contribution to the livelihoods of the many PEFC-certified small- and family forest owners,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International.

McDonald’s uses wood fibre in “front of counter” sales packaging such as cartons, cups, cup holders, bags, wraps, napkins, tray liners and paper straw wrappers.

McDonald’s vice president for sustainability in the worldwide supply chain Keith Kenny said: “This step represents a key milestone in McDonald’s European sustainable packaging strategy to source 100% wood fiber from recycled or certified virgin sources by 2016, as well as providing credible evidence to our customers that the packaging products we use come from well-managed forests.

“The achievement has involved collaboration across the length and breadth of our supply chain in all 38 European markets, from those that supply our restaurants right back to the family-run businesses that own the forests.”

McDonald’s has a global vision to source all its food and packaging sustainably and wood fibre has been identified as a priority raw material by WWF alongside beef, coffee, fish and palm oil. In over 7,900 restaurants across its 38 European markets, McDonald’s currently uses around 170,000 tonnes of wood fibre in its packaging annually.

McDonald’s has already achieved significant sourcing milestones globally and in Europe. Since 2008, McDonald’s European markets have sourced 100% of their coffee (excluding decaf) from farms certified by Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms or Fairtrade for their sustainable practices. In addition to this, all of the fish used in McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwiches in Europe is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, with the MSC logo displayed on packaging.

McDonald’s joins Pizza Hut and KFC which both specify PEFC-certified materials for their packaging in European markets.

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