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Hungary becomes latest PEFC member

Jan 20 2016

project huPEFC International is delighted to welcome the Hungarian Forest Certification Non-profit Ltd. as the 41st national member joining the PEFC family.

“We have learned from experience that PEFC is much more than a just label that allows consumers to make ethical purchases. PEFC is a cleverly designed, robust technical framework. Perhaps even more importantly, PEFC is a community of friendly people who care about forests and care about our future. We are proud to become a member of this community,” said Endre Schiberna, Head of the Standard Setting Committee.

“Hungary is a perfect example of how the forestry sector can benefit from forest certification,” continued Mr. Schiberna. “While our forest related regulations are said to be among the most rigorous in Europe, the general public is unaware of this, even within the country. This means that Hungarian forest products are not favored by environmental-conscious consumers.”

“By becoming a PEFC member, and eventually a PEFC-endorsed forest certification system, our country’s forest owners, forestry companies and the forestry sector as a whole will be able to demonstrate their sustainable forest management practices to the public, in Hungary and beyond,” explained Mr. Schiberna.

“The development of the Hungarian national forest certification system is now approaching the final stages,” explained Mr. Schiberna. “The pilot test of the sustainable forest management standard expected to be finished soon, after which we can begin to move closer to submitting the system to PEFC for endorsement.”

“It is fantastic to welcome Hungary as the latest member of the PEFC alliance,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, following the announcement. “Through our Collaboration Fund, we have been providing financial and technical support for the development of the Hungarian national forest certification system, so it is wonderful to see the country take an important step towards PEFC endorsement by becoming a PEFC member.”

Hungary is the first country whose membership can be traced back to seed funding provided through a PEFC Collaboration Fund project.

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