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Mar 09 2016

bee hiveThe Casa dell'Ape (or House of Bees) in Val di Sole, Italy, has become the first beekeeping company in the world to receive PEFC certification, thanks to its use of wood from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests.

“The use of high quality raw materials for the construction of bee hives is crucial, as the quality of the honey and other products rely on this,” said Franco Tripodi, owner of Casa dell'Api. “I know other retailers that sell ready-made beehives, made of scraps of used pallets – one can easily imagine how this might affect the quality of honey.”

“This is why I have always bought the semi-finished products from a producer in my own valley, who uses wood from the sustainably managed forests of Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa and Cansiglio,” continued Mr. Tripodi. “From this it came to my mind to get my business certified, as I am already exclusively using certified wood for my hives.”

The PEFC certification of ‘Casa delle Api’ builds on the success of Miele del Cansiglio, the only PEFC-certified honey in the world. Made of honeydew from the PEFC-certified spruce forests of Cansiglio, it was the result of an ambitious project by PEFC Italy, Veneto Agriculture and APAT (a local beekeeper association) and developed by Rigoni di Asiago, a leading brand in the production of jams and honeys.

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