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Register now for the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management Expert Forum!

Mar 21 2016

Do you have experience in sustainable forest management? Are you ready and eager to get involved in our standards revision process? Then sign up to join our Expert Forum for Sustainable Forest Management.

The SFM Expert Forum is the chance for you to comment and discuss the specific issues around the PEFC SFM Standard (PEFC ST 1003:2010) and its revision.

It will feature a moderated discussion forum to gather first-hand information, as well as advice on specific topics, such non-wood forest products. The Forum will also provide an open forum to enable participants to discuss any issues that they are interested in.

The Expert Forum will accompany the work of the Working Group and run from now until the approval of the final standard, anticipated for November 2017.

To join the SFM Expert Group, you must have:

  • Knowledge and experience in Sustainable Forest Management; and a
  • Willingness for active participation in the forum.

Register now!

Please register through our online form. The registration process is ongoing, with no specific deadline date. You will be informed about membership shortly after registration (though not before 24 March).

Get involved

  • Keep up-to-date with our "Standards Revision" newsletter
  • Find out how else you can take part in the revision process
  • A second Expert Forum for PEFC's Chain of Custody and Labelling Standards will be opened soon


If you have any question about the revision process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact point:

Christian Kämmer
Technical Officer, PEFC International