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2016 PEFC Collaboration Fund closes

Mar 29 2016

PEFC Collaboration Fund 2016The deadline for the 2016 PEFC Collaboration Fund is now over and we would like to thank everyone who entered this year’s competition. The winning projects will be announced on our website in June.

“The year was a record!” said Sarah Price, Head of Projects and Development at PEFC International. “We have received more proposals this year than we did in any of the previous competitions.”

“With diverse projects being proposed from around the world – from Africa to the Americas and from Europe to Asia, now comes the difficult process of selecting which projects we will support through this year’s Fund.”

We developed the PEFC Collaboration Fund to encourage locally relevant advancements in the sustainable management of forests and to foster collaboration and dialogue amongst different actors. It is part of our work to stimulate the uptake of sustainable forest management, innovate new approaches for forest certification and promote certified products in the marketplace.

“With demand for project financing greatly surpassing what we have available to invest this year, we are also seeking co-sponsors interested in contributing to the Fund. With so many great projects waiting to happen, it’s a fantastic (and easy!) opportunity for impact investment,” concluded Sarah. 

We have invested more than half a million Swiss Francs into a wide range of innovative projects around the world since the Collaboration Fund began in 2011. From investing in local efforts to raise awareness and capacity to promote forest certification, establishing national certification systems, and undertaking research and development for new products and services within PEFC certification, these projects are making a difference around the world.

The 2017 PEFC Collaboration Fund will be launched at the end of the year – keep up-to-date with any announcements on the PEFC International website or sign up to our newsletter!

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