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Wood pavilion wows the construction crowd in the Netherlands

Mar 10 2017

Houtpaviljoen BouwBeurs 2017 05608 600 450The eye-catching Houtpaviljoen (Wood Pavilion) captivated the crowds earlier this month at the 2017 BouwBeurs construction fair in the Netherlands.

The aim of this fantastic installation was to promote the use of wood as a building material. It certainly did, the stand was a clear favorite among the visitors.

The Houtpaviljoen is the idea of eight organizations, including PEFC members PEFC Netherlands and the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC). It was based on the first pavilion constructed for the 2015 BouwBeurs exhibition, but this year they took it further, almost doubling its size.

“This year the Houtpaviljoen was bigger than ever, both in terms of size and support of the timber industry,” said Kees Boon, Chairman of PEFC Netherlands. “In fact, more than 80 organizations supported the initiative.”

Just like two years ago, this special wooden construction was built by Assink Hout, a PEFC-certified supplier of timber and wood products. The structure featured a mix of old and new, with traditional use of oak alongside modern processing of laminated spruce.

Boomstamtrap Houtpaviljoen Bouwbeurs 2017 05569 600 430One of stand-out features of the pavilion was the beautiful staircase made from one single tree by Doornekamp Woodspecials. This staircase led to the first floor of the pavilion which was home to the Wood Theater.

Once up there, guests could enjoy the theater while sitting on cardboard tree trunk chairs made by Dutch Design Brand.

The interior of the construction was of course decorated predominately with wood, like the Secto Design lamps (made of PEFC-certified wood) by TunnelmaDesign, the wooden coat by and oak tables made by Assink Hout.

The eight founding companies and organizations of the Houtpaviljoen were:

This year the eight founders were accompanied at the Houtpaviljoen by twelve main sponsors: Boogaerdt Hout, Europly Woodproducts/Drooghout Gendringen, Gooskens Hout, Houthandel Van Dam, Houtwerf Zoeterwoude, Joulin Benelux / Eco Wood Design, PERI Panel Products, Ruud de Boer Advies, Sonae Arauco, Stiho, Van der Sijde Hout and Het Wapen.

Another 72 companies and organizations also sponsored the activities of the Houtpaviljoen. For information on all of them, head to the official website: or the Facebook page for more pictures

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