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Boosting innovation with forests: it’s the International Day of Forests!

Mar 21 2017

IDF Brussels 2017As we celebrate the International Day of Forests, Thorsten Arndt, our Head of Communications at PEFC International, is in Brussels to highlight how forests can boost innovation and the bio-economy.

“The demand for timber is increasing rapidly, which is great news as wood is a fantastic renewable resource, with a very low carbon footprint,” said Thorsten as he took part on the second panel discussion of the Value of Wood Forum organized by Revolve Media.

“However, we need to ensure this timber is sustainable timber. This gives us a brilliant opportunity to increase the area of sustainably managed forest and thereby increase the supply of sustainable wood and other forest-based products.”

Boosting innovation

PEFC is more than a simple certification system. By working with national organization and local stakeholders, we are helping to create innovative country-specific solutions to ensure more forests and people can benefit from certification.

In many countries, trees outside forests are an important source of fiber, but as they are not in the forest, they cannot achieve ‘forest’ certification. At PEFC we are working to change this.

Through our project in Thailand we are testing innovative ways to ensure that smallholders growing trees outside forests (ToF) can achieve certification. These findings are now feeding back to us at PEFC International as we continue the process of developing a mechanism to enable ToF certification.

International Day of Forests celebrations

IDF photo exhibition 2017The Value of Wood Forum of one of many activities that Revolve Media is undertaking to celebrate the International Day of Forests.

In partnership with PEFC Belgium, Revolve Media revealed their eye catching photography exhibition today, in the heart of Brussels. Free to enter until 4 April, the exhibition has brought a corner of the forest into the city. If you are in Brussels make sure you go and see!

More information

Make sure you also check out Revolve's Forest City Project 2017 website!

This also includes an interesting blog space highlighting forestry and bio-economy stories: including Forest Biomass, (almost) Approved EU Sustainable by Xavier Noyon (PEFC EU Affairs) and Collaboration Fund for the World’s Forests by Sarah Price (PEFC Projects and Development).

You can also check out all the photos from the Value of Wood Forum!