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The European Forestry House celebrates 10 years of existence

Sep 05 2017

European Forestry House 10 year anniversaryA decade after a branch-cutting inauguration ceremony, the pioneers of the European Forestry House, Natalie Hufnagl-Jovy, Birt Schmetjen and Erik Kosenkranius, returned to remind everyone of the reasons that led to its founding: the need to establish a clear, consolidated voice in Brussels concerning forestry issues at EU level.

“After the so many years, it is great to see that our initial idea of creating a focal point for forestry in the center of Brussels, is still filled with life and developed to be a wonderful place to work and meet,” said Ms. Hufnagl-Jovy, who is now Vice-Chair of the PEFC International Board.

The European Forestry House held a summer reception to celebrate the anniversary, gathering many people from the Brussels-based forest network, including representatives from EU institutions, governments and stakeholder organizations.

The European Forestry House

Over the past decade, the European Forestry House has opened its doors to a wide variety of events. It has also provided a platform for continuous exchanges of relevant ideas, expertise and information on forest-related issues.

The organizations of the house have successfully increased the profile and perception of the forest and forest-based sector. They have also turned the house into an acknowledged center of competence for an ever-increasing number of forestry issues.

The Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF) and the European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) jointly founded the European Forestry House. The building now houses six organizations and has six supporting organizations, all related to forests and the forest based sector.

Photo courtesy of Confederation of European Forest Owners