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Spiraling, stunning and sustainable! The new staircase in The Hague City Hall

Sep 06 2017

The Hague staircaseA beautiful staircase, spiraling out into the air, is the showpiece of the recently renovated Council Chamber of the City Hall in The Hague, Netherlands. Made from PEFC-certified wood, this icon has sustainability at its heart.

Adorning the atrium of the City Hall, it is the result of digital modeling and manufacturing with the latest technology.

“The staircase is a fantastic piece of design,” said Kees Boon, Chairman of PEFC Netherlands. “By using PEFC-certified timber, the designers, engineers and everyone else involved in the value chain have shown their support of the sustainable management of our forests.”

Why build with wood?

The Hague staircase constructionWood is durable, flexible, reliable and easy to work with. Trees absorbs CO2 while growing, and wood products continue to store that carbon for the lifetime of the product, which is great for our forests and for our planet!

With PEFC-certified wood you can be assured that it has come from a forest managed to the highest environmental, social, economic requirements.

PEFC-certified wood is easy to find – just look out for the PEFC label! You can find PEFC-certified suppliers in the public database.

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