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Looking into our (wooden) housing future at Helsinki Design Week

Oct 25 2017

PEFC Wood Works X TikkuCan you build a house overnight? Can it be beautiful, stylish and sustainable? The answer is yes – as the thousands of visitors to Helsinki Design Week can testify!

For the fourth edition of PEFC Wood Works, PEFC Finland teamed up with architect and environmental artist Marco Casagrande to showcase the future of living to the people of Helsinki.

As cities become more densely populated, we must find more agile ways to build, and live in, new housing solutions.

What’s the solution?

In the center of Helsinki, PEFC Wood Works x Tikku constructed a micro-size apartment house on just one parking slot in just one night. Tikku (‘stick’) is a demonstration of dense urban housing and Finnish wooden construction.

Even better, all the wood used in the installation comes from sustainably managed, PEFC-certified, forests.

PEFC Wood Works

Tikku6“The PEFC Wood Works design concept connects the users of wood with its sustainable origin,” said Auvo Kaivola, National Secretary of PEFC Finland.

“We tell the story of wood from the forest to design by collaborating with designers working with the material.”

“The aim is to raise the appreciation of wood originating from sustainably managed forests and the various ways it can be used,” Auvo concluded.

Helsinki Design Week

This year’s theme at Helsinki Design Week was Q&A – Questions & Answers. Looking for questions and answers highlights the fact that good design always entails good thinking. How can we use design to build better cities and a better society?

PEFC Wood Works concept has been part of Helsinki Design Week for many years, establishing a position for itself within the program.

"It is great that our cooperation with PEFC has continued and helping us to highlight the different aspects of the use of responsible wood material and at the same time raising the profile of Finnish designers,” said Reetta Turtiainen, Producer of Helsinki Design Week.


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