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Countdown to the 2017 PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue: Making Certification SMART

Nov 08 2017

The PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue is just one week a way – make sure you’re ready!

Innovation and technology is all around us, but how often do we stop and consider how we could better use it to support forest certification? Our Stakeholder Dialogue will do exactly that.

Bring your big ideas and complex challenges and let’s work together to re-imagine how forest certification might re-equip for the next decade.

See you there!

Meet at Scandic Park Helsinki on 16 November (or the evening before at 18:30 for the cocktail reception). And you can already check out the agenda now.

After we have spent the first session of the morning exploring the potential of data, innovation and technology within forest certification, and heard a range of fascinating innovation spotlights, we’ll break out into three parallel workshops.

Which one will you attend?

From leveraging society for sustainable forestry to activating efficient sustainable forest management and strengthening trust and traceability throughout value chains, we’ve got all aspects covered:

SMART solutions for strengthening trust and traceability throughout value chains

Technology compliments nearly all aspects of Chain of Custody management. New and emerging hardware, software, services and tools are enhancing the robustness of certification and accelerating the flow of information through supply chains.   

This session will feature some of the latest and greatest technological developments from certified forestry supply chains. It will inspire and re-imagine how the information flow and product assurances of certified products can continue to evolve in the future. 

SMART solutions for engaging and leveraging society for sustainable forestry

Over half of the planet’s human population already lives in cities and migration trends continue to accelerate. In the digital era, increasingly innovative ways are required to connect people to rural landscapes and forests. This era also offers the unprecedented ability to reach and captivate society as a positive force for action. 

This session will search for new approaches that expand certification’s ability to use technology to add value and engage society in ways that support healthy forests and sustainable forest product industries. 

SMART solutions for activating efficient and accessible sustainable forest management certification 

Understanding our forest resources has never been easier. With unprecedented quality of satellite imagery now freely available, together with new tools and approaches to measure and monitor forests, there is great potential to overcome common forest management challenges.

This session will review a range of emerging innovations that show potential for changing the way people implement, verify and monitor sustainable forest management.

Find out more about the parallel workshops, including our fantastic range of speakers.

The field trip: be ready for snow!

Please make sure you bring warm clothes (including hat, scarf and gloves), a warm and waterproof coat and outdoor shoes (we'll be walking in a forest, and there won't be any paths!).

The weather forecast for Jyväskylä is around freezing with a chance of snow – so make sure you come prepared!

Not coming to Helsinki? You can still follow our progress!

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