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After 10 years: goodbye to Kees

Mar 23 2018

Kees Boon 2018It has been ten years since Kees Boon, together with student Johan Vlieger, founded PEFC Netherlands. But the time has come for us to say goodbye to Kees, as he officially retires as Chairman of PEFC Netherlands on 1 April 2018.

“Kees has been instrumental in establishing PEFC in the Netherlands and raising awareness among companies and the public alike of the great work undertaken by the one million PEFC-certified small-forest owners globally,” commented Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International.

“We've all befitted from his expertise on a wide range of issues, last but not least, sustainable biomass and public procurement policies.”

“On a personal level, I very much appreciate his enthusiasm and commitment to our common objective of promoting sustainable forest management, and I wish him all the best for the future,” concluded Ben.

PEFC Netherlands 2017“It will take some getting used to, both for Kees but also for us: we will miss our 'walking encyclopaedia',” said Patricia Dolman, Marketing and Communications at PEFC Netherlands.

“On the other hand, Kees can now enjoy his well-deserved leisure with his wife Hélène.”

From 1 April, Maarten Willemen will be the new Chairman of PEFC Netherlands. Just like Kees, Maarten has a background in the forest and was previously head of the Product Group Wood at Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves).

Thank you Kees and welcome Maarten!

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