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Apr 04 2018

This month we hear from Miroslav Saniga, a runner up in our 2017 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest with his fantastic photo Wondering Babies of Boreal Owls.

Wondering Babies of Boreal Owls Miroslav Saniga

How you feel about forests?

Since my earliest childhood, I have been fascinated by nature and especially by birds. For me, the forest is nature’s cathedral, where I feel as if in the heaven…

My present studies focus on bird communities. Research journeys of several hours reward me with many occasions during which I can observe the wonders and complexities of life, or just contemplate their beauty. So, it is no wonder that my sensitive, romantic heart is able to sense in nature many otherwise hidden things that would not attract the eye of a casual visitor.

Many such moments illustrating the new and cyclical aspects of natural life have been caught in my camera to preserve a moment in time, not just for my own satisfaction, but also for the pleasure and knowledge of others.

During uncountable days and nights spent in the bosom of nature, I have been witness to numerous events and ‘stories’ that can happen at any time in nature’s hidden corners. To keep such experiences just to myself would be selfish and arrogant, and so I am sharing them with the public.

How did the forest inspire you to take your winning photo?

I love to communicate with animals and especially with birds. I imitate birdsong and they react to my voice. Early in the morning in a primeval forest of beech and fir, I heard the voices of juvenile boreal owls, so I imitated the call of their parents: “pu-pu-pu-pu”. Gradually, the juveniles flew from the crown of the fir tree and sat on a dead branch near me.

It was fascinating. I felt like a small boy in a fairy-tale story… I took off my camera and took a few photos.

What you think of the work that an organization such as PEFC does to care for forests?

The work of PEFC is very important. In the third millennium, when climate change and other human activities attack nature and especially forests, such a mission is very, very important. We have to preserve nature for future generations, so we need to make such activities, as does PEFC…

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About the contest

In 2017 we held the first ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest. Taking place in 23 countries, we received over 11,000 photos from forests around the world.

From the thousands of photos received, we chose our top 12 images, all of which can be seen here. For every month of 2018, we will be showcasing one of these photos.

Get your cameras ready, 22 April 2018 marks the start of ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC 2018' - find out more!!

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