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CertforChile’s photo contest reveals how we are all part of the forest

Jul 02 2018

Cuando caen de forma natural solo embellecen más el camino Chile

“Vive y sé parte del bosque junto a PEFC” (Live and be part of the forest with PEFC), was the theme of CertforChile’s photo contest and the winning images really lived up to the call!

"The pictures reflect so much beauty, commitment and love for nature," said Constanza Núñez one of the contest jurors.

Out of the 1748 photos entered into the national contest, the jurors selected 38 for a photo exhibition. Organized in collaboration with the Escuela de Fotoarte de Chile (Photography School of Chile), the exhibition will be held on 5 July in Santiago.

The winning images

A path through a native forest in the Los Ríos region in southern Chile sets the scene for
the winning image.

Taken by Agustín Cruz, the photo is called 'Cuando caen de forma natural solo embellecen más el camino' (When they fall naturally, they only embellish the way).

Huemul de nuestros bosques ChileOscar Fuentes was awarded second place with his image 'Huemul de nuestros bosques' (Huemul deer of our forests).

The photo was taken in the Cerro Castillo National Reserve in Chile and shows the photographer’s encounter with a huemul deer.

“I wanted to photograph the animals from afar, but suddenly this beautiful, young huemul looked out from the thicket and stayed with me in absolute tranquillity. It was a moment that I will never forget,” said Mr. Fuentes.

Ascendencia ChileIgnacio Mauzabal came in at third place with his image 'Ascendencia' (Descent), taken in Doñihue, Chile. The photo illustrates the connection of humans with the forest.

“Although it seems incredible, we share more than 20% of our genes with trees. It is said that all living beings have a common ancestor,” explained the photographer.

If you want to see more of the images entered into CertforChile's contest, you can find them on Instagram under the hashtag #SomosParteDelBosque.



Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

CertforChile’s contest was one of 16 national photo contests run by PEFC members. You can already see the winners from Belgium!

The three winning images will compete against the winners from the other national contests for the 2018 PEFC Photographer of the Year Award.

The winner of the award will be announced in November 2018 and will receive a trip to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the 2018 PEFC Forest Certification Week or a cash prize of 3000 CHF.

Photo credits: Agustín Cruz, Oscar Fuentes, Ignacio Mauzabal