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PEFC Suspends Endorsement of Swiss Q-label

Nov 18 2005

PEFC Council has suspended the Swiss Q-Label Wood Certification Scheme for non-compliance with three PEFC requirements. These are compliance with the international PEFC Chain of Custody rules; the provision of a publicly available certification report summary of the certification results and information from external parties being used as evidence in the forest certification process. The Swiss Q-Label Certification scheme's suspension will be lifted once sufficient evidence of compliance on all three issues has been presented to and approved by the PEFC Council Board of Directors.

All Swiss Q-label certified forest areas cannot be considered as PEFC certified, nor can the Swiss Q-label chain of custody be considered as PEFC compliant until the suspension has been lifted. In addition the PEFC logo and claims cannot be used in association with Swiss Q-label products until the suspension has been lifted.

The PEFC Council will work closely with the representatives of the Swiss Q-Label Wood Certification Scheme to ensure PEFC endorsement of the Q-label system is reinstated as soon as possible.


Christian Kämmer, Technical Officer, PEFC Council