60,000 trees for the Future Forest

PEFC Austria, primary school children, BAUHAUS and LOGOCLIC complete their remarkable tree planting campaign.

60,000 trees for the Future Forest

7 January 2021 News

Last September, PEFC Austria concluded the Wish forest campaign, run in collaboration with DIY store BAUHAUS and laminate flooring brand LOGOCLIC. The campaign saw 60,000 trees planted in Austrian forests, with active support of pupils from local primary schools.

The young trees for the planting campaign were sponsored by LOGOCLIC and BAUHAUS. The companies promised to plant a tree for every five m2 of LOGOCLIC Wish Forest Edition laminate flooring sold. The final outcome for 2019 was an incredible 60,000 trees planted in the autumn.

A forest for the future

The initiators decided to involve pupils in the planting campaign, highlighting that children are the decision-makers of tomorrow. 

The aim was to strengthen their awareness for nature, environment and economy, to enable them to sustainably use our resources, now and in the future.

Planting larch, black pine, fir, maple, oak and several other tree species, increases the diversity and stability of the forests. 

The resulting species-rich, climate-friendly mixed forests provide a permanent habitat for many different animal and plant species and are more resistant to various adversities.

"Wind, drought and bark beetle calamities present forest managers with challenges and lead to bare areas in the forest. Thanks to our Wish forest campaign, the forest is replanted and is growing with certified, sustainable forest management,” said Dr. Kurt Ramskogler Chairman of PEFC Austria.

“A special thanks goes to the hard-working pupils and foresters who took part in the campaign. It is great that the children can now watch ‘their’ forest, the forest of the future, grow.”

"The forest needs a strong we! During the tree planting campaign, I could feel the close and strong cooperation of the many partners,” said Rudolf M. Rosenstatter Chairman of the cooperation platform Forest Timber Paper.

“Our forest produces timber – a renewable resource. Durable wood products have the potential of an additional, rapid and noticeable carbon storage. Therefore, protect the climate – use wood.”

Photo credits: Ziernreith, PEFC Austria/Peter Zeschitz


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