Building shared values in South America

Strengthening PEFC in the South American marketplace and raising awareness of the value of PEFC certification for increasing competitiveness and sustainability of forest-based products value chains.

Building shared values in South America

21 June 2016 News

“Building Shared Value: Sustainability and Competitiveness, PEFC in Latin America” will take place from 4-6 July 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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Join our South American PEFC members as they welcome certified companies, procurers, retailers, media and others to share best practices, build capacity, and discuss how to improve market demand and access for PEFC-certified products in the region.

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The event

The event will kick off with an introduction to how PEFC promotes sustainability for procurers of forest-based products, retailers and media. Some of the largest forest-based products producers and retailers in the region such as UPM (Uruguay), Suzano (Brazil) and Unilever (Argentina) will then share their experiences on how to encourage sustainability at the highest level.

On Day 2, the focus shifts to certified companies including printing, packaging and publishing sector and key stakeholders, consultants and professionals committed to sustainability. Workshops on how to implement strategic branding of forest products and on how to integrate sustainability and a safe supply chain in marketing and promotion strategies, will enable participants to benefit from existing best practices and consider opportunities for their own operating environments.

The event finishes with the 2nd PEFC South American Regional Workshop; an internal event for the PEFC National members to analyze and establish the strategies of regional integration, development and dissemination of PEFC in the region. Based on the shared ideas and conclusions of the previous days, PEFC members will identify potential synergies and ways to improve collaboration and coordination, as well as develop strategies to improve market positioning of PEFC-certified products.

South America Promotions Initiative

This regional event is part of the South America Promotions Initiative, a project lead by PEFC International to grow demand for PEFC certification and certified products in South America.

Through the initiative, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay are delivering market initiatives to stimulate growth of certification while strengthening and raising awareness of the PEFC brand. 


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Conflict Timber

See PEFC's guidance following the announcement that all timber originating from Russia and Belarus is ‘conflict timber’.

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