Call for proposals: Consultancy on PEFC position in the carbon arena

The deadline for applications for the consultancy position is 27 February 2024.

Call for proposals: Consultancy on PEFC position in the carbon arena

8 February 2024 Job vacancy

We have launched a call for proposals for consultants to conduct research on PEFC positioning on the carbon arena.

Recognising the importance of forests and PEFC certification in climate change mitigation, especially regarding greenhouse gas emission removal and avoidance, several PEFC national members have been working on the carbon initiatives with their own approaches. 

PEFC Carbon Task Force was established in August 2023 with the mandate to identify the PEFC carbon approaches that could be applied across the PEFC alliance. The PEFC carbon approaches should enable PEFC certificate holders to demonstrate the positive impact of PEFC certification in climate change mitigation and adaption. 

PEFC is looking for consultant(s) to conduct research on specific topics ensuring that the needed information is available, to support the Task Force in achieving its mandate. 

The consultants will be expected to complete the following tasks under the guidance of the PEFC International Technical Unit: 

  1. Overview and description of existing carbon standards and how they cover forest carbon methodologies. 
  2. Overview of quality carbon credit frameworks. 
  3. Assessment of PEFC and selected carbon standards and quality carbon credit frameworks.
  4. Potential models of partnership between PEFC and carbon standards and quality carbon credit frameworks. 
  5. Analysis of the need and challenges of forest and tree-based supply chain actors in completing their scope 3 emission reporting. 


  • A final paper in English (around 15 pages). The final paper should consider comments provided by PEFC.
  • An oral presentation in English to the PEFC Carbon Task Force. 


  • Individual or a group of consultants
  • University degree in agriculture, forestry, or environmental studies
  • Solid understanding of both compliance and voluntary carbon markets 
  • Demonstrated experience in forestry carbon projects and project proposal writing 
  • Relevant experience in the field of forest, agricultural certification, or similar certification fields
  • Excellent English language skills
  • High level of precision and attention to detail, sense of responsibility, and flexibility while maintaining the ability to work to a tight schedule. 

Formal conditions/requirements

  • PEFC offers a contract starting from 1 March until 1 April 2024 
  • Remuneration commensurate with experience
  • Workplace: remote, worldwide
  • Deadline: 27 February 2024


We invite applications, including the CV and motivation letter, by 27 February through this application form.

For further questions, please contact Nga Ha at

Applications by email will not be considered.


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