Chile embraces sustainability in construction

Sustainability in Chile’s construction sector got a boost as the Chile Green Building Council signed a collaboration agreement with CertforChile.

Chile embraces sustainability in construction

23 March 2017 News

On 3 March 2017, the Chile Green Building Council (GBC Chile) signed three collaboration agreements that seek to promote sustainability in the construction sector. One of them is with CertforChile, our national member in the country.

GBC Chile signing

“We are extremely proud to announce this agreement for collaboration and promotion with the Chile Green Building Council,” said André Laroze, National Secretary of CertforChile.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to work together with GBC Chile towards our common goal to promote PEFC certification as a sustainable indicator for construction within Chile.”

The aim of this agreement is to promote the use of PEFC-certified wood in construction projects and to stimulate the demand of these products in the national market. It will also play an important role in expanding the knowledge and recognition of PEFC certification amongst sawmills and wood retail companies.

GBC Chile CertforChile

“These types of agreements are beneficial for the institution and for the country,” said Diego Pedraza, the President of GBC Chile

“If we work together with other agencies with similar interests, we will join forces and make our society more aware of the challenges and benefits of sustainable construction, particularly in improving the building material market standard: wood certification and its large chain of derived products.”


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