Fun and games in the forest are in the spotlight of Slovakian photo contest

Have a look at the winning images of PEFC Slovakia's photo contest!

Fun and games in the forest are in the spotlight of Slovakian photo contest

18 July 2019 Forests in photos

The forest as a place of relaxation and experience was the theme of PEFC Slovakia’s 2019 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ Photo contest.

‘Three generations’

A jury composed of the photographers Dominik Belica and Boris Pekarovič, and PR consultant of PEFC Slovakia, Daniela Hovorková, judged the quality and the thematic relevance of the images. 

“We received images from some very talented photographers. I am sure they will also appeal to the international jury,” said Hubert Paluš, National Secretary of PEFC Slovakia.

The winners

‘Sunset over the forest’

Peter Vörös won first prize for his photo ‘Three generations’, taken during a walk through the Kremnica Hills in central Slovakia. 

"I was walking together with my friends, when I saw three generations, grandfather, father and son, walking in front of me. It is good to instil in children the love of nature from an early age,” said Mr. Vörös.

‘A day in the forest’

Second prize went to Martin Sebesta for his photo ‘Západ slnka nad lesom’ (‘Sunset over the forest’), taken in Poľana, Slovakia. “My photo is a salute to the last sun rays above the tree tops," the photographer explained.

Anton Potaš came in third with the image ‘Edov jeden den v lese’ (‘Edo's day in the forest’). “The forest is full of interesting things,” he said. 

The prizes 

The winner of the Slovak photo contest can look forward to a one-week stay at the accommodations of Chata pod Jaseňom in Oravská Lesná in northern Slovakia.

For second place, Martin Sebesta, gets a weekend stay in one of the facilities of the TANAP State Forests for four people.

Anton Potaš receives a voucher from the GRUBE shop in Kováčová worth 150 euros.

Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

PEFC Slovakia's contest was one of 13 national photo contests run by PEFC members.

Besides winning a fantastic national prize, the best photos from the national contests will enter the international contest. The overall winner will be announced in November and will receive a trip to the 2019 PEFC Forest Certification Week in Germany or 2000 CHF.

The top 12 photos will be featured in the 2020 PEFC photo calendar, and exhibited at PEFC Forest Certification Week.


See PEFC's latest COVID-19 guidance for certification bodies and certified entities.

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