Give your feedback on the new PEFC RED II standards

The deadline for stakeholders to give their feedback on the new PEFC RED II standards is 20 April.

Give your feedback on the new PEFC RED II standards

20 February 2024 PEFC system news

Stakeholders globally are invited to give their feedback on the new PEFC RED II standards, developed to enable organisations to demonstrate compliance with RED II requirements and make RED II compliant declarations. Deadline for comments is 20 April 2024.

RED II, the European Union’s (EU) Renewable Energy Directive, establishes sustainability requirements for forestry feedstocks and greenhouse gas criteria for biomass fuels that companies in the renewable energy sector across the EU must comply with to be eligible for financial support by public authorities. 

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The new PEFC RED II standards 

PEFC is currently in the process to be recognised by the European Commission as one of the voluntary schemes that organisations can use to make their RED II compliant declarations. Our recognition scope covers forest ligno-cellulosic material, including residues and waste, and biomass fuels made of this material. 

For this purpose, we have developed the PEFC 5000 series of standards:

  • PEFC ST 5002, Additional requirements for organisations sourcing forest biomass – RED II
  • PEFC ST 5003, Additional requirements for certification bodies providing certification against PEFC ST 5002 – RED II
  • PEFC ST 5004, Requirements for the development of Level A risk assessments and its recognition by PEFC as per Article 29 (6a) and (7a) of the RED II Directive

Please fill in this form to receive the link to the draft standards.

The standards at a glance

PEFC ST 5002 will enable organisations sourcing ligno-cellulosic material to use the PEFC certification scheme to demonstrate compliance with RED II. It is based on the PEFC Chain of Custody standard to make it easier for organisations to integrate the RED II requirements within their chain of custody processes and audits. Prospective PEFC RED II certified organisations will need to already hold a PEFC chain of custody certificate (or achieve it at the same time as their RED II certification).  

PEFC ST 5003 covers the requirements for certification bodies providing audits against ST 5002. It will enable PEFC chain of custody notified certification bodies to extend their notification to operate PEFC RED II certification. PEFC RED II audits will follow the ST 2003 requirements, with additional elements such as requirements for the auditing of residues, wastes, and GHG emissions. ST 5003 also includes additional accreditation requirements.  

PEFC ST 5004 sets up the requirements for country or regional risk assessments against the RED II sustainability criteria conducted by an independent and competent in country-expert stakeholder or stakeholders, and the recognition of those risk assessments by PEFC.

Give your feedback

Public consultations are a vital part of the development process of our standards. They are when you get to read the draft, make your comments, and give direct feedback. Every comment made will get an answer.

The consultation is open until 20 April. Please fill in this form to receive the link to the draft standards. 

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