India joins PEFC’s alliance

India has become the latest country to join PEFC – an addition that sees PEFC reach the 40 nNational members milestone.

India joins PEFC’s alliance

20 August 2015 News

With Japan joining in 2014, and China and Indonesia achieving endorsement of their national forest certification systems the same year, the addition of India’s Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF) underpins that momentum is gathering pace for PEFC in the Asia region.

“It is fantastic to see India become the fifth country in Asia, and the 40th country globally, to join the PEFC alliance,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, welcoming NCCF into PEFC. “NCCF has worked hard over the last year to engage stakeholders and establish its position to facilitate the development of India’s forest certification system.”

NCCF is committed to advancing forest certification in India. Sachin Raj Jain, NCCF

“Forest certification will not only help impact India's forest resources, but also assist in raising awareness of the advantages of responsibly sourced timber, which is especially important in a country with a rapidly growing middle class and demand for resources,” Mr. Gunneberg continued.

“NCCF is committed to advancing forest certification in India and to positioning our country on PEFC’s global platform. We appreciate the support that PEFC and its network has offered so far and with this formal acceptance of membership we commit to further strengthening our efforts in developing our own national certification system,” said Sachin Raj Jain, convener of NCCF.

“We would like to use this occasion to thank those stakeholders who are already part of this initiative, and we encourage everybody interested to join, support and help us in firmly establishing forest certification in India," emphasized Sachin Raj Jain.

By becoming a PEFC member, NCCF has fulfilled an important prerequisite for applying for PEFC endorsement. Stakeholders in the country are now actively working on the development of an Indian forest certification system.

“We appreciate the commitment by government officials, industry stakeholders, civil society representatives and forest owners and managers to collaborate on moving this process forward, and we strongly believe that a future PEFC-endorsed Indian national forest certification system has great potential,” Mr. Gunneberg concluded.


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