Macedonia submits national forest certification system

Stakeholders have until 18 March 2017 to give their feedback on the new national system of Macedonia through our global public consultation.

Macedonia submits national forest certification system

17 January 2017 News

The Council for Sustainable Forest Management in the Republic of Macedonia is one of our newest national members after joining last November during the General Assembly. This means it’s the first time the national system has been submitted for endorsement.

We need your comments! The deadline is 18 March 2017.

The PEFC Collaboration Fund has played an important role in helping to prepare this national system for endorsement. Following on from an earlier project in the Balkans, we have been working with CNVP Macedonia since 2014 to guide Macedonia through the system development process. The final objective of the project was the submission of the system to PEFC for endorsement.  

The PEFC endorsement process

The 60-day global public consultation is a vital part of the PEFC endorsement process. It is your chance to comment and provide feedback on any aspect of the national system.

The PEFC Registered Assessor that carries out the assessment will use the information received from this consultation to help determine the compliance of the national system with our international requirements.

Once the national system has successfully passed the assessment, the PEFC General Assembly votes on its endorsement. A two-thirds majority is required for a system to be endorsed.

Find out more about the PEFC endorsement process…

Get involved

All stakeholders are invited to use PEFC's Online Consultation Tool to provide comments on the Macedonian Forest Certification Scheme by 18 March 2017.


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