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12 April 2024

Trees outside Forests certification opens up markets for Dutch tree owners


PEFC Netherlands was our first national member to achieve PEFC endorsement for their national Trees outside Forests requirements. We talked to their National Secretary, Marten de Groot, about the standard development process and the difference this new certification makes in his country.

11 April 2024

Join us for the PEFC Forest Forum 2024!

PEFC Forest Forum

Join us for a unique event and experience forest management in the climate crisis, in theory and in practice. The PEFC Forest Forum 2024 will put forest management in the spotlight, demonstrating good practices in the forest that are building resilience and sustainability.

8 April 2024

PEFC field trip shows sustainable forest management to textiles professionals

Forests for Fashion

We invited fashion brands and retailers to PEFC-certified Swinley Forest near London, to see sustainable forest management in practice and discover its positive impacts on biodiversity, climate change mitigation, and forest regeneration.

5 April 2024

The PEFC EUDR DDS standard module: consultation and information webinar

EU Deforestation Regulation

There is still one month to go to give your feedback on the new PEFC EUDR DDS standard module, deadline for comments is 7 May 2024. Join us on 24 April for the next PEFC information webinar.

2 April 2024

The tranquillity and natural beauty of the forest inspire me

Forests in photos

This month’s photo in the spotlight is ‘Digging Bamboo Shoots in Spring’, taken by Kyoko Harada in eastern Japan. The photo was the winner of our 2018 Experience Forests, Experience PEFC photo contest and a runner up in the 2023 Best of the Best Contest.


Discover how we're working to align with the EUDR and bring our PEFC EUDR solution to the market.

Conflict Timber

See PEFC's guidance following the announcement that all timber originating from Russia and Belarus is ‘conflict timber’.

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