PEFC Austria raises awareness for sustainable forestry

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PEFC Austria raises awareness for sustainable forestry

4 November 2022 News

Under the theme ”Das g’fallt dem Wald” (“The forest likes that“), PEFC Austria concluded their successful multimedia campaign, raising awareness for the role of sustainable forestry in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the contribution that each of us can make.

The message was clear: the PEFC label assures consumers that wood-based products come from sustainably managed forests. Choosing products carrying the label means contributing to healthy forests and active climate protection.

Our forest and the SDGs

Nicole Brandl (Mondi), Dominik Blecha and Heidi Adelwöhrer (Neudoerfler), Kurt Ramskogler, Martin Kubli and Astrid Köberl (PEFC Austria)

One of the highlights of the campaign was PEFC Austria’s participation in the "INITIATIVE2030 - live the goals" project. The voluntary, non-profit information initiative publicises and disseminates the core contents of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

While the world’s forests contribute to all 17 Goals, PEFC Austria’s actions focused on SDG 13 "Climate Action".

"Wood from sustainably managed forests not only stores CO2 while it grows, but also when it is processed into high-quality products,” explained Dr Kurt Ramskogler, Chairman of PEFC Austria.

“Consumers can easily recognise wood and paper products with this positive climate impact by the PEFC label on the product. With every m³ of wood that is used to make ecological products, 1,000 kilograms of CO2 are taken out of the atmosphere.”

Only together can we make a difference

The campaign also showed how we can all play a part in protecting our forests and our planet.

Hundreds of Austrian companies already use the PEFC logo. It can be found on wooden toys and furniture, as well as on paper packaging and household goods, such as kitchen towel and toilet paper. Less obviously, PEFC-certified wood fibres are even hidden in make-up wipes.

"In phase two of our information campaign, we focused on individual certified companies and their products," says Gerhard Pichler, Managing Director at PEFC Austria.

Partners include producers of wooden toys (Matador), packaging and paper (Mondi), furniture (Neudoerfler) and solid wood walls (Meissnitzer Holz).

Their products were in the spotlight on adverts throughout the country, on city lights and digital information screens. The campaign was accompanied by a broad social media presence, and rounded off by a raffle of 50 PEFC-certified Matador game sets on one of the country’s major radio stations kronehit.

"When shopping in a supermarket or drugstore, everyone brings home at least one piece of wood and thus a piece of forest. Every consumer can promote sustainable forestry by choosing products with the PEFC label," says Gerhard Pichler.

(c) PEFC Austria / Wolfgang Voglhuber Campaign presentation 2022
(c) Initiative2030_PEFC Austria Citylight Kampagne 2022


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