PEFC "Best of the Best" Photo Contest 2023

After six years of the PEFC Photo Contest, this year we're looking back at some of the amazing photos we've received since 2017 - and asking you to vote on your favourite!

PEFC "Best of the Best" Photo Contest 2023

27 March 2023 Forests in photos

Over the last six years, thousands of photographs have been entered into the contests of our national PEFC members. Before today, their juries had the tricky job of choosing the winners. This year, the winning photo is in your hands - which is your favourite?

Each participating member has gone through their photos, picking out their past winners and a few favourites.

The result is a selection of amazing and truly inspiring images. While all deserve to win, there can only be one per country, and it’s up to you to decide.

You can find a list of all the participating members on our special contest website.

And the great news is you don't need to live in the same country to vote! So, if your country isn’t there, take the opportunity to discover the forests of another nation, you may be surprised!

Voting is open now and you have until 22 April to make your votes. Please note, you only have one vote per contest, but you can vote in all the contests. 

The International contest

It’s not just our national members asking you to choose your favourites, on 12 June we launch the PEFC International 'Best of the Best' contest. We'll be sharing our past winners, plus a few of our favourites, and asking you to vote for your winner – and we cannot wait to see which one you will choose! Stay tuned for more information.

The national contests

Belgium's woodlands have a magical beauty and PEFC Belgium's selection show this perfectly. From forest floors covered in wild flowers to the familiar forest wildlife. Do you have a favourite? Vote now!

From deepest winter to stunning Finnish summers, beautiful wildlife and people relaxing in the forest. PEFC Finland's photos invite you to the magic of their country. But which is your favourite? Vote now!

Discover the spectacular forests and landscapes of Italy. Covering all the seasons, PEFC Italy's selection of photos is a special treat. Can you pick your favourite? Vote now!

From breathtaking landscapes with moody skies to close ups in mysterious forests, PEFC Portugal's photos are a real treat. Do you have a winner? Vote now!

People living, working, and enjoying the forests are all on show in PEFC Slovakia's photos, as well as some amazing wildlife. Which is your winner? Vote now!


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