PEFC-certified fashion @ the United Nations Headquarters!

As part of our Forests for Fashion initiative, we are highlighting the role of forests and forest products towards a sustainable fashion sector, throughout the High Level Political Forum.

PEFC-certified fashion @ the United Nations Headquarters!

9 July 2018 Forests for Fashion

Forest fashions take centre stage at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development, starting today.

As part of our Forests for Fashion initiative with UNECE/FAO, and a range of other partners such as the UN Forum on Forests, Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T, PEFC Italy, PEFC Spain and SFI, we are highlighting the role of forests and forest products towards a sustainable fashion sector, throughout the HLPF.

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Exhibition on Forests, Fashion and the SDGs (8-20 July)

The ‘Forests for Fashion’ exhibit brings together the work of many designers, all inspired to use forest-derived materials for their creations.

Alongside many innovative and creative designs, is a capsule collection by Spanish designer María Lafuente using the world’s first PEFC-certified fabrics, produced by Textil Santederina: a fabric that can be traced back to sustainably managed forests.

“It is our responsibility to promote fashion that respects life so we can contribute to a harmonious and sustainable society,” highlighted María Lafuente.

“We create, work and produce ethically and sustainably, always selecting environmentally friendly materials.”

Visitors can also learn about the connection between forests, fashion and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by exploring the 'SDG cubes'. The exhibition will be located in the following areas at the UN Headquarters:

  • 8-13 July: Delegates Entrance
  • 14-20 July: Secretariat Lobby

fashion exhibit 2018a

Launch of ‘Made in Forests’ (16 July) 

Michelle Yeoh, actress, UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, and sustainable fashion champion, will be opening the Ministerial Segment on 16 July. She will also launch the video ‘Made in Forests’, a short story on sustainable fashion.

Reception to celebrate the exhibition (16 July)

A reception with distinguished guests will celebrate the highlights of the exhibit. Along with opening remarks by high-level invitees, guests will have the chance to talk to the designers and representatives of all organizations that were involved in the 'Forests for Fashion' collaboration.

Forests for Fashion Initiative

In partnership with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), our Forests for Fashion initiative is linking forest-based materials from sustainably managed forests with the world of fashion.

Almost 65 percent of global fabric consumption consists of synthetic fibres derived from fossil fuels, whilst the majority of the remainder is made up of cotton, a water- and pesticide-intensive crop. Renewable and responsibly sourced wood fibres are part of the solution to transform fashion into a more sustainable industry.

However, we need to ensure that these forest-based materials originate from sustainably managed forests, and that we produce them in a sustainable and ethical manner. This is what our Forests for Fashion initiative aims at.

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