Public Consultation: National Forest Certification System of Ukraine

Stakeholders are invited to give feedback on the Ukrainian national system by 27 October 2020.

Public Consultation: National Forest Certification System of Ukraine

3 September 2020 PEFC system news

Stakeholders from around the world are invited to give feedback on the National Voluntary Forest Certification System for Sustainable Forest Management, Ukraine. Deadline for comments is 27 October 2020. Give your feedback now!

This is the first time the Association National Voluntary Forest Certification System (ANVFCS), the PEFC national member for Ukraine, has applied for PEFC endorsement of the Ukrainian national system.

After developing the national system in line with PEFC requirements, ANVFCS submitted the system to PEFC for endorsement. The national system is now undergoing the PEFC assessment process, carried out by an independent PEFC Registered Assessor. It must pass this process and be approved by the PEFC General Assembly before it can achieve endorsement.

An important aspect of the assessment process is the public consultation. Over the sixty-day consultation, stakeholders from around the world can give their comments and provide feedback on any aspect of the system. The Registered Assessor will use the information received from this consultation in their assessment of the system.

Need more information?

In order to provide you with additional information, we organized a webinar to introduce the new system and highlight its main aspects. Watch the recording:

PEFC in Ukraine

The Association National Voluntary Forest Certification System joined the PEFC alliance in November 2019, alongside Guyana. They have since dedicated their time to developing and finalizing the country’s national forest certification system.

Developing national standards

The nationally driven development of forest certification systems is at the heart of PEFC’s success. It helps to ensure the long-term commitment of all stakeholders, and particularly those responsible for implementing the requirements. This is because they are not simply following the requirements, but also helped develop them.

The national forest management standard is an influential standard, as it sets out the requirements that forest owners and managers must meet in order to achieve PEFC certification. This means the standard must be developed carefully, ensuring all relevant stakeholders are involved. We therefore set out strict requirements covering both the content of the standard and its development process.

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