Simon: Putting Wood in the Spotlight

The wooden bases in the new Simon Detail 82 light switch collection are made from 100% beech and are PEFC certified.

Simon: Putting Wood in the Spotlight

5 August 2014 News

Simon, an industrial group made up of 25 companies throughout the world, now uses PEFC-certified beech as part of it Detail 82 range of bases for light switches. Find out more below!

Our principal interest at Simon is to be specialists in products and services that enhance our customers’ comfort, safety and energy savings. As we also understand the needs of those who design spaces, Simon’s latest collection puts the spotlight on the importance of details to professionals.

The selection and configuration of light fittings together with the rest of the major decorative elements is a task you can now perform from the very start of an architectural or internal design project.

The wooden bases in the new Detail 82 mechanisms collection are made from 100% beech and are PEFC certified. The Detail 82 Wood option gives the chance to highlight the element and for a designer thinking of space design to put it on their priority list, as it can take on significant substance in the set of decorative elements to be chosen and contribute significant added value to the visual ensemble.

The use of wood as a material integrated into Simon’s mechanisms meets the market need and demand for wooden elements to coordinate with current interior design styles, such as a vintage space or a Zen setting, where wood as a stylistic resource takes on great prominence.

The selection of beech to combine with graphite or white shells enables incorporation in a variety of settings, since it is commonly found in furniture, flooring, linings, lamps, etc., linking the switches in with the sequence of materials needed to form these settings.

simon2Simon is approaching its first centenary. This long business life coincides with a work culture and efforts over all those years which have been the key to its development, as well as its respect for the environment.

On the one hand we are looking to offer our customers an increasingly requested product, the PEFC seal, and on the other to support growing awareness of care for the environment through good management of our forests.

To obtain maximum quality in our products and services, respecting conservation of the environment and sustainable forest management we need to:

  1. fully meet customers’ needs for use and expectations
  2. meet the applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  3. comply with the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and the PEFC chain of custody, as well as the regulations applying to all our certified products and to achieve continual development in technical and personal aspects through information and training of our employees, both to guarantee Quality and Service to our customers and to guarantee the health and safety of our workers.

To accomplish this, we have conducted various training actions for our personnel and customers to acquaint them with the PEFC certificate and what it involves, as well as publishing this both through the website and in various advertising formats (catalogues, product labels, etc.).

At Simon we work to extend our commitment to sustainability to supplying companies by including social and environmental criteria in our contracts. We request sustainable forest management certification from our cardboard, paper and wood suppliers. This certificate is a differentiating feature increasingly appreciated by our customers.


Discover how we're working to align with the EUDR and bring our PEFC EUDR solution to the market.

Conflict Timber

See PEFC's guidance following the announcement that all timber originating from Russia and Belarus is ‘conflict timber’.

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